Joint Minimally Invasive Surgery and 3<sup>rd</sup> Rwanda Biotechnology Conference

The University of Rwanda is hosting, from 26th to 27th of September 2019, in Kigali, Rwanda, a joint Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) and the 3rd Rwanda Biotechnology Conference.

Since 2017, more efforts have been going on aiming at strengthening minimally invasive surgery (MIS) in Rwanda. Thanks to ARES-PFS2018, a training project supported by the Belgium government, a postgraduate diploma in MIS will be one of the professional training offers of the University of Rwanda. To successfully implement this program, the partnership with Medtronic allows to equip a laboratory for training on nonhuman models comprising a simulation lab (simlab) and wetlab for MIS practising on animal model (pig) as well as MIS platforms in university teaching hospitals to treat Rwanda patients while training the candidates to MIS. With such a strategy, trainees will gain skills and hands-on experience before moving to clinical training phase (Never practise for the first time on a patient). A curriculum to train future MIS Trainers was developed and the implementation has been going on since January 2019. Ten selected Rwandan candidates, physicians (surgeon, gynaecologist and urologist) from CHUK, King Faisal Hospital (KFH) and CHUB, have started the Training of Trainers (ToT) program which is going on at CHUK. In Parallel, paramedical experts from the hospital of the physicians are being trained to fit the MIS standard. This is of extreme importance for a sustainable implementation of MIS in Rwanda. These Rwandan candidates accompanied by the Cameroonian colleagues of the sister  – MIS-project – Professional Master in Laparoscopy, supervised by experts from Belgium will unveil their so far acquired MIS skills during the preconference workshop which will take place in three teaching hospital CHUK, KFH and Rwanda Military Hospital (RMH) in Kanombe.

On the other hand Biotechnology conference is held biennially in Rwanda and is sponsored through collaboration of the University of Rwanda and ARES-CCD (Academy of Research and High Learning, “Académie de Recherche et d’Enseignement Supérieur), Belgium, through its institutional support (Appui institutionnel, AI) program. The first was held on 24-25 September 2015, with theme “Applied biotechnology in Africa”, while the 2nd was jointly organized with the in 5th SASA International Conference in on 4-6 October 2017 under the theme “translational science and Biotechnology advances in Africa”. This 2nd Rwanda Biotechnology Conference was preceded by a hands-on workshop that had as theme “Strategy to meet Biotechnology Training and Research Objectives in Rwanda”. This workshop took place at the Huye Biotechnology Laboratory Complex (HBLC) and was sponsored by PROMEGA and ARES. The participants were from different public institutions including UR (Lecturers and lab technicians), RAB (Lab technicians), NIRDA (researchers and Lab technicians) and CHUB (lab technicians). This achievement was very vibrant so that participants wished the activity be regularly reproduced during the subsequent Rwanda Biotechnology Conferences. The training was facilitated by experts from Belgians Universities and PROMEGA (Europe and United States of America). Based on this experience, a master's degree program in biotechnology is being developed to be implemented by 2020 at the University of Rwanda in collaboration with ARES-universities and in partnership with PROMEGA and the German biotechnology company EPPENDORF.

The theme for 2019 conference, to be held on 26-27 September in Kigali, is “Transforming Rwanda’s Development by Investing in People’s Skills” with emphasis on Minimally Invasive Surgery and Biotechnology.



The present conference seeks to promote investing in Africans' knowledge and skills in Minimally Invasive Surgery and Biotechnology.


This conference is expected to bring together Ministers of Health in Africa, scientists, physicians, academic, researchers, government agencies, philanthropists and funding agencies dedicated to advancing the frontiers of MIS technology and biotechnology in Africa.



  • Panel discussion
  • Oral presentation
  • Poster


We welcome abstracts and posters in the scope of the Conference theme. Abstracts and Posters can be under one of the following, but not limited topics:

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS)
  • Non-communicable diseases (NCD)
  • Infectious diseases 
  • Medical biotechnology
  • Genetics and  Genomics
  • Genetic Testing and diversity    
  •  Molecular diagnostics of human, animal or plant diseases
  •  Biopharmaceuticals
  • Bioproducts
  • Industrial biotechnology,
  • Bioprocess engineering,
  • Protein engineering
  • Agriculture biotechnology
  • Plant tissue culture
  •  Transgenic plant and crops,
  • Food and feed safety testing  
  • Biotechnology techniques and Methods
  • Environmental biotechnologies
  • Bioremediation
  • Microbial diversity